Children’s Dentist in Douglass County

Early access to dental care can help your child enjoy strong teeth well into adulthood. Waiting until your son or daughter has a toothache can make it stressful to find the best family dentist. That’s why we’ve brought affordable pediatric dental care to you here at Value Smiles.

Your child can enjoy comprehensive care that eliminates dental diseases early, reduces the number of trips they need to the dentist later on, and decreases the amount that you spend on dental care.

Cleanings, Check-ups and Exams

A dental check-up and cleaning every 6 months can help us pinpoint problems when they are small. This prevents waiting to visit our office until there is a large, costly problem to fix. Digital x-rays help our team screen for problems that aren’t yet visible.

Dental Sealants

Protective dental sealants are an inexpensive and easy way to decrease the risk of cavities in the back teeth. They are pain-free and take just a few minutes to complete!


Professional fluoride treatments after your son or daughter’s cleaning can help their teeth be resistant to cavity-causing acids. It also remineralizes weak enamel that may be on its way to decalcifying.

Oral Hygiene and Nutritional Education

The right knowledge and skills can help your child avoid cavities and gingivitis. We show your child the best way to keep their teeth clean and make smart dietary choices that won’t jeopardize their oral health.

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