Comfortable Dental Care

Richland Dental understands that many people have a fear or dislike of going to the dentist. Part of that reason is because of the discomfort they may feel during dental procedures. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry in our family practice.

Different sedation dentistry options are available. One of the most common choices is nitrous oxide. Otherwise known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide helps you relax in just a few minutes and is quickly reversible. It’s safe for patients of all ages.

Depending on your needs and medical background, other sedation options may be available.

Why Choose Sedation During Your Treatment

With sedation dentistry, we can help our patients overcome the anxiety they have about getting their dental treatment completed. This helps you have needs addressed when they are simpler and more affordable to correct. Many of our patients prefer to complete as much of their treatment as possible in one visit reducing the number of trips that you have to make to our office.

Ask for sedation during your next treatment appointment. Check out our special offers and call Richland Dental today.