What Are the Causes of Yellow Teeth?

What Are the Causes of Yellow Teeth?

Having yellow teeth can lower a person’s confidence. In most cases, people tend to smile less because they have yellow teeth. Many turn to general dentistry services, such as teeth whitening, to make their pearly whites whiter.

But what causes yellow teeth?

  • Smoking
    Smoking does not only lead to respiratory health conditions. It also turns your teeth yellow. Cigarettes have nicotine that leaves brownish or yellowish stains on your teeth’s surface. This is another reason why you should quit smoking!
  • Wear as you age
    Aging also plays a huge role in yellowing teeth. As you age, the enamel surrounding each tooth gets thin. As such, there is no protection from stains. Visiting a dentist in Texas will help in monitoring your dental health.
  • Certain foods and drinks
    A variety of foods and drinks can stain the teeth. These include berries, pasta sauces, tea, and coffee. Observe proper dental care in Richardson, Texas, after every meal to keep your teeth white longer.
  • Genetics
    Genetics can also cause teeth to become yellow. If one of your parents has yellow teeth, you will most likely have a similar hue.

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