Tooth Extraction: What You Can Expect

Tooth Extraction: What You Can Expect

Tooth extraction is a solution to different dental problems. You may want to remove a damaged tooth, a painful wisdom tooth, or an infected one. You may need to put on braces, so a dentist in Texas will make space through tooth extraction.

  • Preparing for a Tooth Extraction

    Like any other general dentistry procedure, preparations are in order. You will have a dental consultation where the dentist will know your medical history and other important details. You may also need to start taking antibiotics and stop taking blood thinners, depending on your situation.

  • General Overview of the Procedure

    The dental surgeon will take an x-ray of the tooth. Doing so will help the professional evaluate the area they will be operating on.

    The dentist will give you anesthesia afterwards. This will help you not feel any pain. While the procedure is not painful, you may feel a bit of pressure against the affected tooth. The extraction will start once the numbing agent works.

  • Aftercare

    You will need further dental care in Richardson, Texas, after the procedure. These include changing gauzes and taking pain medications. Doing so will help minimize the discomfort you may feel after tooth extraction. Your dentist will inform you of the things you should do to promote healing.

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